Father like a pro!

We are neither a travel agency, nor a playroom for children, nor a mountaineering club, nor a company whose services can be chosen and redesigned according to the buffet principle. We do not deal with sweating and miles to end up deservedly drinking beer, nor do we indulge in hedonism while our children are entertained by animators.

We are the school where each of us learns how to be a better father and a better parent, and together we are working to constantly find new ways to improve our fatherhood and parenthood. We believe that the basic way we can become better fathers and better parents is to be better people because we can only teach children what we are.

In the actions we carry out, we consciously and thoughtfully step out of the comfort zone, because that is the only way to become better at anything. Better – never better than another, but better because of another. One of these ways is camping, staying in nature under the open sky, which, by referring to each other, enables and facilitates work on healthy living habits – relationship to others, relationship to food, relationship to technology, relationship to the cycle of day and night, relationship by nature…

Every good profession (craft, vocation) is based on the principle that it becomes unnecessary if done well. For example, if a doctor does his job well, he will have less and less over time. (Those other, less good professions, base their success on the dependence of those for whom their services are intended). We like to see what we do as a good profession so that over time we become more and more unnecessary to our members. In this way, we achieve something else – we set an example for fathers and parents to do their job in such a way that over time they become increasingly unnecessary, and to observe all their work through the prism of the freedom of a child growing up to independence.

Why is it important to be part of the Community?

Man is a being of the Community and it is difficult to grow up without it. If he chooses to be
alone, a man cannot see his virtues, but also his flaws. In the Community, things are more
visible and a person has the opportunity to improve himself, his relationship with his family
members as well as other members who are part of the Community. In addition, the
Community offers you its experience, countless times greater than yours in the field in which
you want to progress. Being a good dad or father, depending on the age of the child, is not something a person is born with, but skills that are learned, and the Community can be of great help in acquiring these skills.

How can I help the Community?

With their talents, knowledge, skills, their values, ​​and beliefs. With his dedication. With his
optimism. With his commitment. With his unique experience.

What do I get if I join the community?

You get yourself strengthened and empowered, you get an extended family, you get quality
time with your children, you get a lot of examples in other parents, you get insight into where
your role is in relation to where you want to be, you get participation in educational workshops and training of various kinds, and concerning the strengthening of the parental role and survival in the natural environment, you get the opportunity to expand and improve your skills.

„In order to raise a child, the whole village is needed“





How to participate in actions?

In the first place, he should be a member of the Association. The membership fee is paid
annually. There are also things we do for which membership is not a condition, such as
education with materials published on social networks, participation in educational training,
but in order to go into a more demanding action where the success of the mission depends on each member, each participant must be conscious and committed to Community.

In second place is the choice of action. Each of the actions has its own theme and specifics of
the participants, so we need to think about what we need in our phase of development as a

When we have chosen the action, we should respect everything that the organization of the
action requires: it can be attending introductory workshops, reading educational material,
filling out a test or anything else that the organizer devises to achieve optimal results of the

The fourth is, of course, the presence of action. We respect the rules at the action because
there is a minimal set of them and they are aimed at general well-being and safety. In case of
non-compliance with the rules, a greeting follows.

Finally, at the end of the action or after it, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation, which is
very important to us feedback on the basis of which we constantly increase the quality of future actions, and maybe write your impressions of the action.

„When there are no more of us, it will be just a shift!“

Each MEMBER has the obligation to:

  1. It respects the values ​​and goals of our Association
  2. He respects the first, as well as the time and space of all participants in our joint
  3. He regularly attends meetings scheduled before the action
  4. He does not deal with his smart things at actions, but with his smart children
  5. To grow and develop, because everything else makes no sense
  6. Do not do anything that goes against the values ​​that the Community nurtures

Each MEMBER, by paying the annual membership fee, receives:

  1. Membership card
  2. The right to be timely and fully informed about the work of the Association as
    well as the activities
  3. The right to participate in actions
  4. The right to take part in educational and all other workshops that we will
    organize as an Association at a discounted price
  5. The right of the Board to consider any idea or initiative that has points of contact
    with the goals and values ​​of our Association
  6. The right of the Board to suggest and make known any praise or remark on the
    account of the work of the Association

„In order to raise a child, the whole village is needed“