Father like a pro!



Because we believe in a healthy future for our great-grandchildren, our grandchildren, and our children. Because we can constructively influence the future only by changing ourselves for the better.

Because we want „when there are no more of us, it’s just a shift!“


The community achieves its goals through actions where fathers are the bearers of all activities and thus ensure the active role of fathers in the lives of children. In this way, fathers are further motivated to pass on their experiences, energy, knowledge, faith and love to their children. Children on the other hand have a lot of role models and materials for positive identification.


In these twelve years, we have made over 120 camps, competitions, humanitarian actions, rafting… We learn to light a fire, orient ourselves in nature, prepare accommodation, collect herbs, fish, prepare food, and everything that allows us to feel the joy of common of life.


Members of our community are people who value heritage at least as much as the present, and who understand that a better future will not come by itself, but we must fight for it ourselves – in the first place through ourselves and our descendants.


Mirko Mitrovic

Husband, father of four children, and electrical engineer. Out of the desire to become a better parent and better understand the processes of communication, he studies psychology in his spare time and has a Certificate of Coach in Transactional Analysis in that field.

He successfully completed races, marathons, and ultra-marathons. He is proud to point out that he is a member of the Ultra Runner Serbia community.

Mirko believes that without good role models we cannot have a good future and that personal engagement is the basis of any hope for a better tomorrow.

Uros Rajakovic

Proud husband and father. Realizing the importance of the male role model in the formation of his children’s personality and their healthy growth and development, he actively participates in the daily life of his family.

A lover of nature, an admirer of knowledge and other people’s feelings, a lover of moderation, truthfulness, purpose, and meaning.

By profession psychologist and psychotherapist. The first among equals in the Circles Center.

Dragan Tomic

Born in Belgrade in 1974. As an exchange student, he went to America and remained there until 2007. There he completed his undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and began his career. After 15 years in America, he finds an opportunity to return to Serbia and continue working in his homeland. In the professional domain, Dragan is the director of
the Microsoft Development Center in Belgrade.

Dragan is the father of three children. Dragan’s main hobby is actions with children in nature.

He has been a nature lover since he was a child and has participated in various recreational sports events (half marathons, half iron man, hiking, and skiing). During the Survival Race in 2015, he met the rest of the team at Zlatar, which was transformed through various actions and became the Fatherland Remembers under his leadership.

Nenad Mitic

Husband and father of three girls who strive every day to keep up with their roles and task. When he saw the story on television about the association „Fatherpro“, he immediately recognized that it was something he should belong to.

Before he became a part of the association „Fatherpro“, whenever he was separated from his family, working on some projects, he only counted what he got. Now he is calculating what is being lost and now there is only one and the most important project – the family, and everything else is working to make that project as successful as possible in the end.

He loves traditional music, craftsmanship, adventure, plays the flute, enjoys recreational riding, and enjoys nature with his family.

Aleksandar Jovanovic

Husband and father of the boy who is his “little me”.

As a mechanical engineer, due to the nature of his work, he spent his son’s earliest childhood on construction projects, separated from his family. After the decision to dedicate much more to the family, and aware of the fact that the presence of the father is very important in the boy’s upbringing, he engages all his abilities in order to better respond to the challenges that parenting brings.

He is a member of the community “Fatherpro “ since the beginning of 2020, where he is
actively contributing.

Tatjana Radic Milutinovic

Tanja is a constant seeker of justice and truth, the mother of three children and the wife of
Alexander, a lover of everything beautiful. She believes that her main role is to fight for a more dignified and better life, a life filled with kindness, love, and solidarity. She tries to understand what it means to be a good parent and not to suffocate her own or other people’s children with her actions.

In her free time, she enjoys music and cycling. She is a sociologist by profession and a freelance artist by profession.