Pleasant and unpleasant – those are the criteria followed by children. Then they start to follow their parents’  criteria that are different, which are politically incorrect, and those are the criteria of good and bad. And they learn that some things that are pleasant can be harmful and that some unpleasant things can be useful; such as – work, for example… 

Firstly, children get to know these notions, and a bit later they adopt some of them, but only after a lot of examination, getting mature and making the effort to defend something does it become really theirs. That’s the moment when they are not children any more… 

If that doesn’t happen, a so-called addictive character is formed. 

Vladeta Jerotić said that this was a civilization of addiction. It tries to have citizens as much immature as it can;  for, addicts are the first to maintain this system of economy. The addicts to shopping malls, TV, luxury,  adrenaline, antidepressants…I’m mentioning here only the forms of addiction that are socially acceptable.  

You are asking yourself now whether you are an addict or not? Perform a simple test. Try to separate yourself from your addiction object for one week. If you say that there isn’t an abstinence shock, then you are a liar, too. 

Back then, growing up was completed around eighteen years of age. Nowadays children are protected from life  by means of the various and sundry so that their puberty lasts till they are fifty, or even longer…and then, we  need political correctness for such an order in the society…the society of addicts. 

Eternal boys didn’t have a father who would point to them how wonderful it was to be an adult; how there was a  bigger emotional gain when they get up on their own than the pleasant comfort they get from their moms…for a  scratched knee. 

Since they didn’t create any new emotional value, they have never really separated from their moms…or vice  versa…And they see their mom in every woman; and women accept them for they are funny but after a while, they don’t know what to do with them. 

Eternal boys experience their age as damnation…they are probably not capable of loving so their age reminds  them of death. They pluck their eyebrows, dye their hair, and their children are the boring ones whom they  cannot understand; when one day their wife’s striae become an insurmountable obstacle for having sex with her,  they see that it’s the only relationship they managed to have with her. 

To be responsible or an adult doesn’t mean to forget or overcome a child in oneself, but to allow oneself the  harmony with the operations of one’s inner child, such as curiosity or loving. On the other hand, there are  responsibility rejection and growing-up denying, so-called Eternal-Boy or Peter-Pan Syndrome, which is  reflected in insatiable hedonism and incessant striving for power. It is truth that this world is ruled by men, and  now you know what they are like. 

Other men, those who have grown up, accept their age as a gift which can give them a lot of knowledge…one  part of that knowledge is understanding different people…for, understanding needs years…then comes the  respect…then accepting…regardless of flaws, virtues, maturity, difference…and only after a lot of common  mutual effort, sweat, joy, ups and downs – there comes love. 

Mirko Mitrović, FatherPro 

Translated into English by Maja